Birthdays and Team Parties

Parties and Groups

The Alaska Rock Gym is the perfect place to throw a birthday party, host a school or team event, bring a church or youth group for a scheduled activity or have a company party or reward event. Kids, adults, families or groups will have an experience to remember at a climbing party hosted at the gym. All levels of climbers can be accommodated and the less steep walls found in the “teaching room” at the south end of the gym provide almost a mini-gym, allowing groups to climb together in one place. The party room is available for cake and ice cream, pizza, or team-building exercises when the climb time is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the minimum age for party participants?

In our experience, kids 5 years and up have great parties at the gym.

2. What is provided for the party? Do I need to make a reservation?

The supported party/group rate is $250 for up to ten participants, and $20 for each additional participant. Maximum number should not exceed twenty-two. Supported parties are provided with 90 minutes of belayed climbing, all climbing gear, and use of the party room for 30 minutes after climbing. Cake/ice cream are NOT provided. Party slots are limited and tend to be booked out 8 to 10 weeks. Plan ahead and make a reservation well in advance of your desired date.

3. May I reserve for a party without belay support?

Yes, we call this event a “self-sufficient party”. If you can provide your own belayers, that have been previously certified at the Alaska Rock Gym, you may reserve for a self-sufficient party. Providing your own belayers gets you a reduced per climber fee and use of the party room after your climb time. Reservations are required!

4. Are there any other party options?

“Boulder Only” parties are becoming more popular! For $15/climber, ARG will provide boulder area supervision for 90 minutes, and the use of the party room for 30 minutes after climbing. Remember, bouldering is climbing on low walls in an un-roped fashion, and some kids only want to climb on the ropes! Reservation required.


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