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Please read through the following bullet points to understand just how a Boulder Only climbing party works at the Alaska Rock Gym.

  • We strongly recommend that Boulder Only climbing parties be held for ages nine and up.  Experience has taught us that kids eight years and younger are difficult to manage and keep engaged for the entire party time. If bookings are made for this younger age group, it is required that the maximum number of participants not exceed ten children. Parents must provide supervision in a ratio of 1 parent for every 3 kids, to maintain order. 
  • Always call well in advance to check the availability of your date. Seriously, call well in advance - we are usually booked out at least three weeks on boulder only reservations! A 50% deposit, based on the estimated number of guests, is required to hold a reservation. 
  • Dont forget, each party participant under the age of 18 must have an Alaska Rock Gym minor liability waiver that has been signed by a parent or legal guardian, regardless of prior visits to the gym.
  • Boulder Only parties may be held at the Alaska Rock Gym on Saturdays and Sundays: Saturday: 1-3pm. Sunday: 11am- 1pm. Please note! After December 1st, Saturday party time will be 1:30-3:30pm. Additional mid-week times may be available during holiday breaks and no-school days, please call for more information. No minimum, but maximum group size is 16.
  • Cost of the party is $15/participant. We provide 90 minutes of climb time and shoes, and boulder area supervision. We do not provide cake and ice cream. We have a freezer available to keep ice cream or ice cream cakes cold.
  • Each participant under the age of 18 MUST have an Alaska Rock Gym minor liability waiver that has been COMPLETELY FILLED OUT AND SIGNED by a parent or legal guardian. This is an ABSOLUTE requirement. Though children may have been to previous parties or kids’ classes at the gym, we do not keep those waivers available on file. Waivers may be completed electronically on this site; down-loaded and printed; or hard copies picked up at the gym. We recommend waiver instructions be included with the invitations.
  • A 50% deposit, based on the estimated number of participants, is required to hold a reservation. The deposit can be made in person or over the phone with a credit card. We take Visa, MC and American Express. The balance of the party cost is paid the day of the party.
  • Experience has shown us that most party’ers poop out after about 90 minutes of climbing. This leaves the group 30 minutes to do presents and cake or snack in the party room.
  • Hosts can decorate in the party room with table clothes, etc, but please NO BALLOONS in the building, they get stuck in our ceiling fans. Don’t forget a cake knife, lighter or matches and ice cream scoop. Please tidy up the party room before leaving the gym.
  • A word about supervising your group while at the Alaska Rock Gym: We will provide at least one staff member to assist your group during a boulder only event. This helpful and knowledgeable person will provide the facility and boulder area orientation to the group, and give some basic climbing tips to the kids. They are there for your safety. Party hosts and parents must stay engaged with the group and provide supervision during climbing. Other gym users will be present during the party, and we ask that parents and party participants respect them and keep the group under control. Thanks!


Saturdays: 1-3pm.   Sundays: 11am-1pm.

Please note! After December 1st, Saturday party time will be 1:30-3:30pm.

Reservations required.

$15 per participant

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