Climbing 301

Climbing 301

Climbing 301
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Climbing 301 is a structured training program for adult climbers who wish to improve their overall climbing abilities and progress to the next level in climbing. The program begins with a 2.5hr in-person session during which the coaches assess the student's abilities, strengths, weaknesses and goals. Based on this assessment, the coaches will develop a personalized 8-week or 12-week training plan featuring 3-5 workouts per week.  The coaches conduct one group session per week, on Thursday evenings, to assess, teach and monitor the students to make sure that training plans are meeting their needs and progress is being made to attaining stated goals. Class size is limited to 8 climbers per session - 4 in the bouldering section and 4 in the roped section. 


Group meetings are every Thursday, 6:00-8:30pm.  Individual training sessions at students' discretion.  

Current session is sold out and will conclude on February 24th. Watch this page and postings at the gym for the dates of the next session.  Pre-registration required for this class.  Participants should be 14 years of age or older, bouldering V4 or climbing roped redpoint at 5.11.  Gym membership not included in price of the class.  


$250 - 8 Week Training for Bouldering

$350 - 12 Week Training for Roped Routes


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