Yoga Instructors

Meet Our Yoga Instructors

Kim Greeff

Yoga Instructor

Kim Greeff brings a wealth of body knowledge to the mat with a background in massage therapy, a love and fascination with human anatomy and biomechanics, and a passion for helping people live better in their bodies through the practice of yoga and self care. Kim is a 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Iris Crites-Flesher

Yoga Instructor

Iris' motivation to teach yoga comes from the positive transformation her practice created in her own life. Her classes focus primarily on balancing the body on many different levels through an alignment and breath focused practice. She is a 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Tara McMurray

Yoga Instructor

Yoga... What more do I have to say? Yoga has given me a path to become the best version of myself. My typical class is a slow(ish), alignment based practice, with aspects that strengthen and soften the body. I leave postures open for your own variation to practice giving your body what it needs.

Emily Lunoe

Yoga Instructor

Emily’s classes encourage a healthy range of mobility and build strength. Nurturing the areas of the body into balance can reduce pain, enhance performance, improve posture and create a sense of ease. Emily’s passion for practicing and teaching yoga comes from the desire to help others live a healthier and more embodied life.

Kevin Enriquez

Yoga Instructor

Kevin utilizes a slow flow vinyasa to revitalize the body and bring awareness to breath and
thought. He strives to create a practice that offers the enjoyment of a lighter mindset, a gentler
breath, and an overall ease of effort as one travels the peaks and valleys of one’s own personal
yoga journey.


Yoga Instructor

Meg has been exploring the vast world of yoga since she was a teenager: from yoga philosophy
and personal ethics to the various physical asana practices. She's landed on a practice that
focuses on compassion toward the self and others, and deep meditation through breath work.

Melissa Jones

Yoga Instructor

Melissa began her yoga journey when she found herself craving connection, community and a way to
help her mother, recently diagnosed with RA. She delved into her practice and became a 500 hr RYT in the Kaivalya Yoga Method. For her, yoga is not just a goal, but a natural state of mind and a way of being that is cultivated within one’s self.


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