Private Lead/Technique Lesson
female lead climber

Lead Climb/Belay

For the more experienced climber 16 and over looking to learn the basics of prudent and efficient lead climbing and how to provide a solid lead belay, but does not wish to participate in the regularly scheduled lead clinic.

Participants must be top rope belay certified and able to demonstrate solid top rope technique on 5.10 climbs. Most participants earn a provisional lead certification and are able to lead climb/belay climbs rated up to 5.9.

The lead test may be taken two weeks after attending the lead instruction session. Solid lead climbing fundamentals and lead belay tactics, including the ability to catch an unanticipated lead fall must be demonstrated on multiple routes selected by the tester.


Beginning to advanced level climbing instruction for climbers 14 and over. Participants receive individualized coaching in movement technique, balance, footwork and sequencing and body position. 


1 climber – $70*  

2 climbers- $110*  ($55 per climber)

3 climbers- $150* ($50 per climber)

4 climbers- $190* ($45 per climber)

Two participants required for Lead Climb/Belay lessons.

Lead Climbing/Belaying may require more than one session to receive provisional certification.

*Prices based on 1 hour of private instruction

Want more than one? We also offer discounted rates for recurring lessons!

(Minimum 4 lessons)

1 climber- $240 ($240) [$60 per class]

2 climbers- $400 ($200 per climber) [$50 per class] 

3 climbers- $540 ($180 per climber) [$45 per class] 

4 climbers- $640 ($160 per climber) [$40 per class]

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