Belay Classes

Learn to Belay


1. Can anyone learn to climb?

Yes! Anyone - young or old, in shape or out, thin or not so thin - can get on the walls and experience the physical challenge and mental stimulation of working out the “problem” found in the arrangement of holds on the wall. The Alaska Rock Gym has terrain from less than vertical to overhanging, giving virtually everyone an opportunity to “climb the walls “. We offer our “Intro to Gym Climbing” class on Fridays from 7:00 to 9:00pm. This is a great way to become familiar with the gym and indoor climbing!

2. What if I'm afraid of heights?

The Alaska Rock Gym offers two types of climbing: roped climbing on the taller walls, and bouldering, which is climbing on low walls in an un-roped fashion. Bouldering, while offering the same experience of working out the “problem” of the arrangement of the holds, allows the climber to remain low – only climbing to a height within his comfort zone. If height is an issue, bouldering is a great way to get started climbing. It requires no belayer and can be engaged in after just a short orientation.

3. What is belaying?

Roped climbing requires two people; a climber, who ascends the wall, and a belayer. The belayer manages the rope protecting the climber from a fall. Belaying involves learning a sequence of tasks, including a climber/belayer cross-check, taking up slack, catching a potential fall, and lowering the climber after she reaches the top of the climb. Our “Intro to Gym Climbing” class includes teaching the participants how to belay and certifying them as top rope belayers in the gym.



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