Our Team


Siri Moss

General Manager

Managing the Alaska Rock Gym since it opened its doors in July of 1995, Siri continues her commitment to introducing the challenges of indoor climbing to anyone who wants to get on the walls. In addition to being a dedicated climber and multi-sport athlete, Siri brings over 20 years of industry experience to the team.

Eric Wickenheiser

Operations Manager

As a former lead carpenter for EntrePrises Climbing Walls, Eric has a unique understanding of climbing walls, and was actually on the construction crew of the new Alaska Rock Gym. He’s a climber, musician, and former gym manager, and is really happy to now be an Alaskan.

Ted Phelps

Head Coach & Director of Youth Programs

Ted has been an integral member of the ARG team since the year 2000. He serves as Head Coach to the Competition Team, and directs and coordinates the many youth climbing programs offered at the gym. As a Level 3 Certified Route setter, Ted also lends a hand to the setting department whenever he can.

Niko Monteiro

Head Route Setter

Niko comes to ARG from the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area in Florida. With over eight years of setting experience, Level 1 route setting certification and a deep competition setting resume, the Alaska Rock Gym is already benefitting from Niko’s energy and vision.



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