Our Homeschool program offers an alternative route to earning PE credits through climbing. Students are taught climbing movement and technique, and work on strength, flexibility and endurance – all while socializing with other home-schooled kids. Students are encouraged to set goals, integrate both successes and failures and take on challenges together. A sequentially progressive curriculum accommodates both new and advanced climbers. Appropriate for kids aged 4 through 16 years. Taking an intro to climbing for kids class before signing up or homeschool classes is encouraged but not required.

Most charter schools and homeschools accept credits for  attendance in our after-school programs, as well.

  • Ages 4-8
    Monday through Thursday, 1:15 – 2:45pm
  • Ages 9-13
    Monday through Thursday, 1:00 – 3:00pm

Minimum enrollment period is either an eight or nine-week session; students must attend the same day(s) of the week, each week, during the session. Students may enroll in more than one class per week. Open the “Schedule” tab to see a breakdown of session dates. Please be advised that due to the popularity of this program, classes generally run at capacity. A notification list has been created, and parents are encouraged to put their email address on the list so they can be updated as to availability in each upcoming session. You can also click the “Contact Us” button below and request to be added to the notification list for each new session.

Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Priority Registration
– Must be currently enrolled in a club session to receive priority enrollment
– Must call to re-enroll for the next session. No auto enrollment.
None 25 Sept. 27 Nov. 12 Feb.
Open Registration 1 August 9 Oct. 11 Dec. 26 Feb.
Class Dates Aug. 21 – Oct. 20

(9 weeks)

No classes 5 Sept (Labor Day)

Oct. 23 – Dec. 22

(8 weeks)

No classes 20 – 24 Nov.(Thanksgiving Week)

Jan. 8 – Mar. 8

(8 weeks)

No classes 19 – 23 Feb.

Mar. 18 – May 17
(9 weeks)

If students participate two days per week, we recommend it be on a Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs schedule.

Students register for one or two day(s) per week and attend on the same day(s) for the entire session. Registration for new climbers opens the last week of each session. Repeat students may re-enroll any time during their current session.

Homeschool Prepaid Pricing

$315/session (9 weeks) or $280 (8 weeks)*, based on 1 day per week. Additional day per week is and additional $315/$280 per session.

* 10% discount if paid in full at time of registration, before session begins

Note: If the Alaska Rock Gym is direct billing an ASD homeschool program, the billing will be completed at the beginning of the session. Students direct billing homeschool will be billed at the full prepaid session cost. Those wishing to pay in advance and seek reimbursement may do so and receive the 10% discount.

Homeschool EFT Pricing

$315/280 session per day of the week, $115/80 deposit per class day required when booking, billing agreement required. Remainder to be billed in two equal installments during the first week of the two calendar months following the session start date.

A credit card must be placed on file when signing up and an agreement to bill must be completed. Participants will NOT be automatically re-enrolled in each new session and must complete a new agreement during their priority re-enrollment week to continue.

Note: Students with direct billing relationships fall under the prepaid pricing structure and are NOT automatically re-enrolled in each new session. Please remember to call and sign up for the next session if you wish to continue.

No credits or refunds given for missed classes.

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