Our Homeschool program offers an alternative route to earning PE credits through climbing. Students are taught climbing movement and technique, and work on strength, flexibility and endurance – all while socializing with other home-schooled kids. Students are encouraged to set goals, integrate both successes and failures and take on challenges together. A sequentially progressive curriculum accommodates both new and advanced climbers. Appropriate for kids aged 4 through 17 years. Students 11 to 17 may add a Strength & Conditioning period at the end of the class, extending total class time by 30 minutes.

Most charter schools and homeschools accept credits for  attendance in our after-school programs, as well. Fall 2019 schedule will posted by July 1st, stay tuned!

Ages 4-8:  Monday through Thursday, 1:00-2:30pm

Ages 8-17:  Monday through Thursday, 1:00-3:00pm. The Strength & Conditioning add-on extends class time to 3:30pm, (for ages 11-17).

If students participate two days per week, we recommend it be on a Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs schedule.


Fall 2019 Homeschool Session Schedule

Check back on July 1st, new Homeschool session schedule will be posted.

Auto Renewal (EFT):

  • Registration fee every 6 week session: $130 (1x/week), $260 (2x/week)
  • With Strength & Conditioning: $175 (1x/week), $350 (2x/week)


  • Registration fee for a 6 week session: $150/$140* (1x/week), $300/$280* (2x/week)
  • With Strength & Conditioning: $195/$185* (1x/week), $390/$370* (2x/week)

*Register and pay 5 days before the class to receive our early bird discount!

Drop In:

  • Per class registration fee: $30
  • With Strength & Conditioning: $40

A drop in is participation in a single class. Drop in spaces are available only to returning home school students on a first come, first served basis, after new enrollment for that session has opened.


Family Partnership, Frontier & PAIDEIA programs are billed directly to the Anchorage School District. No up front payment required, only proof of adequate tuition allocation.

Most home school and charter school programs will accept participation in our after school Club and Rec youth programs, as well.

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