The Alaska Rock Gym has great climbing programs for kids and teens!

Our after school and home school programs seek to provide an active, interesting and engaging atmosphere for new and returning climbers. Within the after-school time frame, Kids Club and Recreational Team offer a progression of skill development, intensity and training. Kids Club classes are best for beginners, or those kids who are looking for a more social atmosphere and less intensity; Recreational Team is for those seeking more advanced skills, intensity and focus. Homeschool classes are staffed to accommodate both the Club and Rec disciplines, but are offered in a mid-day time frame with a two hour class period.

What program is right for your child?


1. What is the minimum or maximum age?

Kids must be 4 years old to participate in climbing programs at the Alaska Rock Gym, and all youth programs are designed to accommodate young people through high school. Please see our gym rules for bringing kids outside of program times

2. My kid is shy and wary of group activities. Is this right for him?

While all kids seem to enjoy climbing and participation in our classes, many times it is the physical and mental challenges of sport that allow the more reserved child to really engage. The combination of problem solving and planned movement, along with the personal satisfaction of successfully completing a route or problem is very compelling.

3. I home school my children – is there a kids’ program held earlier in the day?

Yes! Our Homeschool program offers an alternative route to earning PE credits through climbing. Students are encouraged to set goals, integrate both successes and failures and take on challenges together. A sequentially progressive curriculum accommodates both new and advanced climbers. Classes are appropriate for kids from 4 to 17. Most charter and homeschool programs accept credits for attendance in our after-school programs, as well.

4. My kids are growing so fast! Do I have to buy them climbing gear?

All kid and youth programs include climbing gear in the cost of the class. No need to worry about growing out of climbing shoes or losing gear between home, school and the car!

5. Can I bring my kids without being in a class?

Climbing is a great family activity, and kids as young as two years old can prove to be agile and adept climbers. Children are always welcome at the Alaska Rock Gym! Once parents have been oriented to the gym and passed the belay certification, they can climb and belay their kids any time. Kids must be 14 years or older to earn their own belay certification, and all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Check out our full youth supervision guidelines here. Children ages 9 & under are not allowed in the boulder area except during published youth bouldering hours, unless accompanied by a BASE Certified adult.



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